JSEF Signal Article: August 2019

Each month, Board member Billie Davis shares the latest news with readers of the Crockett Signal newspaper and our web site. Keep up on our newest accomplishments and upcoming events. 

Summer’s in full swing, and as a result, we Directors had several demands on our Monday evening. So, our regular July meeting had to be moved up a day to Tuesday. This worked out great because we had the opportunity to have Charles Miller, our Superintendent, join us for the first time, to whiteness how we get things done. It was a great opportunity for us to hear, fist hand, all that the district is accomplishing to get ready for the up-coming school year, including, hopefully, breaking ground on the new Middle School: hoo wee! He also told us about the list of challenges he is facing, but the most important thing for us was to learn that the red storage “barn” behind the high school is going to be kept for now!  Thank goodness; we have been able to use (and re-use) invent (and reinvent) store and share materials and supplies in that shed for several years. It is truly a “recycle center” for us.

In addition, Mr. Miller got to see the contents of our mail box—several thank you cards and illustrations from grateful middle school students who appreciated the support we give them to get books for their library.  It is always so satisfying to know that the students recognize what we do for them.

The next item on our list was the request for funds. Our foundation supports all aspects of our schools—including teachers. We are united in supporting their “Professional Development” program.

Then we had to prepare for The Sugar Town Festival. It is always so much fun seeing new and familiar faces. The weather couldn’t have been better. The music at each end of Rolph Drive kept people tapping their feet and clapping their hands. Of course, there are always vendors from near and far presenting their treasures for guests to ogle. But the most rewarding part is stopping at the booths of the local organizations that work so hard to make Crockett the charming community we love so much. JSEF is proud to be one of the organizations who have been working for years in order to provide our students and teachers with the things that will make their educational experience successful.  Our lemonade stand is the first fundraiser of our fiscal year. Kids and adults can enjoy a cool drink of refreshing lemonade (either sweet or spiked) and it’s a win/win situation. This year my favorite part of the day was watching a 7-year old boy decide that his lemonade needed ALL the flavored syrups. He could barely reach the top of the syrup containers, and he struggled to pump each of the sweeteners into his glass: cherry, strawberry, raspberry, but his mom had to help him with the watermelon. The smile on his face was truly delightful.

Our August meeting (7:00, the 19th) at the District Office will be loaded with fun as we focus on our Adult Prom (Gala Days of Hollywood). It’s always such an exciting time to imagine all the details. Please feel free to come join us. Or visit us at (https://www.johnswettef.org.